The Sparkling World is an imaginary place, somewhere in the universe. The Sparkling World have many many countries. This countries

have all different traditions, particularities and so on. The main event of the Sparkling World is the Sparkling Song Contest [Scroll Down]. Many other events also take place in the Sparkling World!  In the Sparkling World many naturally things happen, like natural disasters and wars.

For the horrible things happened to the Sparkling World, the Projects can help! Check them out as well!

This is the map of the Sparkling World (Set your cursor on the map to make it more classy).

The neighbour countries in the Sparkling World have most of all big friendships, of course there are also some disputes.

That don't change the fact that all countries, all over the Sparkling World, have friendships. Every country is special here!

The United Islands are located at the left part of the map, some are linked with Sparkling Countries.

The Sparkling Song Contest is an imaginary Song Contest. The Main Event of the Sparkling World is the "Sparkling Song Contest", where each country can participate. There are 2 Semi Final's (since the 7th edition) and each Semi Final have 20 participants (since the 11th edition), in each Semi Final 10 countries will qualify, when if they get enough votes from the other countries. In the final will be 26 countries (since the 16th edition), 10 from the first Semi Final and 10 from the second Semi Final, the other 6 are the Top 6 of the last edition, they are pre-qualified. The country that wins, will host the whole contest in the next edition.

Each Sparkling Song Contest has a slogan (since the 4th edition). The slogans of all editions are in this album: